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This list of organizations has been created by MN Hands & Voices at Lifetrack to let parents know about some of the most important resources available.  Our directory is updated annually. This list is not exhaustive, and details about organizations can quickly become outdated. We encourage you to contact the organizations directly for the most current and comprehensive information. Organizations located in Minnesota are listed first, followed by national organizations. Specific staff contacts are given for Minnesota-based organizations where available and appropriate. 

If you are the parent of a child who has recently been identified with a hearing loss, please see our special message to you on the next page.

You may note that when the word “deaf” is used, sometimes the “d” is capitalized, sometimes it is not. For the most part, we are simply using whatever capitalization practice is used by the organization submitting the directory entry. “Deaf” is sometimes used to denote a Deaf cultural perspective, whereas “deaf” often refers to the individual’s hearing status.

Four other directories may also be helpful to parents who are looking for additional resources:

For more on Minnesota-based organizations: See The Professional and Consumer Resource Guide for Deaf and Hard of Hearing People published by Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services – Metro of the Minnesota Department of Human Services. This directory includes information on churches, synagogues, housing, senior services, and many other services offered by organizations in the Twin Cities metropolitan area. 
To obtain a copy, call 651-431-5940 (V) or 651-964-1514 (TTY) or download at:

There is also a statewide resource guide available at:

For a directory of Twin City schools serving deaf or hard of hearing students, see the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services Fact sheet at:

For a complete list of Mental Health Service Providers for deaf and hard of hearing children and adults; please visit the Minnesota Department of Human Services website at:

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