Past FOCUS Newsletters

2022 FOCUS Newsletter

January 2022: A Sister's Perspective

2021 FOCUS Newsletters

January 2021: Fostering Joy and Virtual Family Events

April 2021: Finding My Whole Identity

July-August-September 2021: Mainstreaming the Student who is DHH: Improving Communication

October-November-December 2021: 7 Holiday Celebration Tips for Children Who Are Deaf/ Hard of Hearing

2020 FOCUS Newsletters

January/February 2020: Enduring Value of Minnesota Hands & Voices Family Events

May 2020: COVID Response: MNH&V Service Adaptations & H&V HQ Resource Links

October 2020: How to Talk to Children About Tolerance and Racial Justice

2019 FOCUS Newsletters

January/February 2019: Vocational Rehabilitation Services: Who, What, When, Why and Where

March/April 2019: Hands & Voices - Observe, Understand & Respond Children's Safety Project

May/June 2019: SPOTLIGHT: A Series of Articles on Individual Journeys and Personal Choices

November/December 2019: Congratulations to the 2019 H&VMN High Five Award Recipients

2018 FOCUS Newsletters

January/February 2018: A Parent's Journey, to Raise a Happy Healthy Adult, Begins With the End in Mind

March/April 2018: Families Can Help Develop Social-Emotional Skills

May/June 2018: Supporting Self-Advocacy Skills in Children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

July/August 2018: Language Access for Kids who are DHH, We Don't Know What We Don't Know

September/October 2018: Congratulations to the 2018 MNH&V High Five Award Recipients

November/December 2018: Minnesota Manners and Holiday Social Cues for Children who are DHH

2017 FOCUS Newsletters

January/February 2017: The Ins & Outs of Genetic Testing

March/April 2017: Flipped Classroom Model and the Challenges Facing Students Who are DHH

May/June 2017: Hats Off to Siblings of Children Who are DHH

July/August 2017: ADA: Awareness, Compliance and Responsibility

September/October 2017: Congratulations to the 2017 MNH&V High Five Award Recipients

November/December 2017: Consider Making an Investment in Our Minnesota Hands & Voices Community

2016 FOCUS Newsletters

January/February 2016: The Role of Parent Advocacy and Parent's Impact on the Legislation Process

March/April 2016: You Are Not Alone, The Benefits of Making Family-to-Family Connections

May/June 2016: Minnesota Transition Guide for Teachers, Parents, and Students

July/August 2016: TEAMWORK, Parents are Essential Members on their Child's IEP Team

September/October 2016: Congratulations to the 2016 MNH&V "High Five" Award Recipients

November/December 2016: Consider Becoming a Donor to Our Minnesota Hands & Voices Community

2015 FOCUS Newsletters:

January/February 2015: 2015 Collaborative Plan Professional Symposium and Parent Conference

March/April 2015 Minnesota Connection to Legendary Audiologist Marion Downs

May/June 2015: Community Impact of Minnesota Hands & Voices' Cultural Parent Guides

July/August 2015: Positive Impact of Hands & Voices Headquarters to Our MNH&V Chapter

September/October 2015: Congratulations to the MNH&V 2015 "High Five" Award Recipients

November/December 2015: Real-Time Speech-to-Text Translation Software & CART_____Consider Investing in Our MNH&V Community

Additional Archived Newsletters of Interest to Families:

July/August 2014: MNH&V: The Role of the Adult Role Model

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    Oct 26, 2018

    Many of us look forward to the holiday season and all the memory-making activities that go along with family gatherings. Whether your tradition is to gather as a big group with extended family and friends combined, or a smaller intimate group; there are w…[more]

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    Show large Little girl in supergirl costume
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    Show large Little girl in glasses
    Show large Group photo of kids and super heroes
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    Hands & Voices' ASTra Educational Advocacy Training

    ASTra stands for Advocacy, Support, and Training. Minnesota Hands & Voices provides educational advocacy support and resources to families who have questions about special education law and how it applies to students who are deaf or hard of hearing. The program provides information and resources for parents of children who are deaf and hard of hearing that address the needs of these learners.

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    From our Families

    Our Minnesota Stories

    Ben's Story

    Hearing loss was not the first or last diagnosis for our family. Our son Ben was our first-born. We were thrilled to be new parents, and we looked forward to sharing music, laughter, and being an active family. When Ben wasn't rolling over at four months, we knew something was wrong. When he still wasn't at six months, we were told that he had cerebral palsy on one side of his body. But they also warned us he might have many other challenges, including hearing loss.

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    MDH Minnesota Department of Health

    Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) refers to the practice of screening every newborn for hearing loss prior to hospital discharge. Infants not passing the screening receive diagnostic evaluation before three months of age and, when necessary, are enrolled in early intervention programs by six months of age. All 50 states and the District of Columbia have Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) laws or voluntary compliance programs that screen hearing.

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