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MNH&V 2012 Youth Art Contest

Youth Pride in Being Deaf or Hard of Hearing

MNH&V 2012 Art Contest Entry Form
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The MNH&V 2012 Youth Art Contest theme was “Youth Pride in Being Deaf or Hard of Hearing” for ages 1-21 in the state of Minnesota. Participants submitted one piece of original artwork using this theme.

They had the option of including a short essay in 200 words or less, explaining how their piece represented “Youth Pride in Being Deaf or Hard of Hearing”. They were also given the following questions to help guide them:

  • What inspired you?
  • Does your piece have to do with a memory, story, or personal experience?
  • Did you have difficulty or was it easy? Why or why not?
  • Have you done other artwork like this before?

 The deadline to submit artwork was Wednesday, November 28, 2012. The artwork was judged by the Minnesota Hands & Voices Advisory Committee in early December. Judging was done anonymously, and those who participated in the voting would have been excused if they knew a student who had entered.

Age groups:


We had participants whose ages ranged from 6-17

This was our first ever Youth Art Contest, and the staff of Minnesota Hands & Voices would like to express how proud we are of these artists! We had not posted how we were going to judge the artwork, because we had still been putting this project together.  However, we did do our very best to be sure it was as fair as possible.

It was a great pleasure to see the wonderful works of art. We could see how each student put a lot of thought and effort into their piece…sharing something personal to them that touched our hearts!

We look forward to another MNH&V Youth Art Contest with a new theme for the year 2013. For now, please enjoy these entries for the 2012 theme “Youth Pride in Being Deaf or Hard of Hearing”!

 Ages 6-8

Allison, age 6

"I Like Being Deaf...Sometimes I'm Deaf"
Allison's art piece

Maddie, age 7

“The Ballerina”
Maddie's Art Piece


Ages 9-11

Carter, age 9

Carter's Art Piece


Claire, age 10

“Me and My Hearing Aids”
Claire's Art Piece


Emma, age 10

“Rainbow of Learning”
Emma's Art Piece


Mason, age 10

“To Give Your Ears an Extra Life”
Mason's Art Work


Shivali, age 9

“Deaf is Fun!”
Shivali's Art Piece


Izabella, age 9

“I’m Proud of Myself”
Izabella's art piece


Ages 12-14

Dylan, age 13

“Loud Get Out”
Dylan's art piece

Shawnae, age 13

“Change the World”
Shawnae's art piece


Myshue, age 13

Myshue's art piece


PaDur, age 14


 PaDur's Art Piece

Ages 15-17

Der, age 15

Der's art piece


Jamison, age 17


Jamison's Art Piece


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