Sophie's Story (English and Hmong)

When our daughter, Sophie, was born she could hear. However, when she turned two, we found out that she could no longer hear. When we found out that our daughter had a profound hearing loss we were devastated. Eventually, we made a decision to move on and to seek the best program and tools to help her. We met with teachers of deaf and hard of hearing children, joined other parents with similar children for support and learned sign language.

Soon we heard that there was new technology at the University of Minnesota that could help our daughter with her hearing. We found that a cochlear implant could be an option for our daughter. We eventually enrolled our daughter in the program and our daughter received the implant. We also enrolled her in speech therapy and audiology training.

Today Sophie is able to communicate verbally. She received excellent help from her teachers because we have been engaged and involved in Sophie’s education. We challenged her teachers to push Sophie. We also pushed her to excel as well.

Thov hawm txug cov nam txiv kws muaj mivnyuas tsis nov lug hab qhov ntsej puag: Wb kuj muaj ib tug miv nyuas kws tsis nov lug lossis qhov ntsej puag ib yaam le meb hab. Thaum yug lug, wb tug ntxhais, npe hu ua Sophie, kuj nov hug. Vim kev mob, thaum Sophie muaj ob xyoo, nwg ca le tsis nov lug lawm. Thaum wb ob nam txiv paub has tas nwg tsis nov lug lawm, wb kuj muaj kev nyuaj sab hab tu sab heev. Tabsis tom qaab ntawd, wb kuj xaav has tas cas wb nrhav kua tau txhua txuj kev hab txhua yaam kev paab kws luas muaj lug paab nwg. Wb ob leeg kuj tau moog ntsib cov xwb fwb kws qha cov mivnyuas kws puag pob ntseg hab nrug lwm cov nam txiv tawv dlawb kws muaj mivnyuas zoo le wb tug nuav moog kawm lug pav teg pav taw. Peb suavdlawg kuj sib paab txhawb zug hab sib paab kawm ua ke.

Thaum kawg wb nov has tas kuj muaj cov kws tshuaj nyob tom lub tsev kawm ntawv qeb sab University of Minnesota kuj yuav paab tau wb tug ntxhais hab, wb txhaj txav txim sab coj nwg moog rua cov kws tshuaj khu qhov ntsej khu nwg, muab nwg phais pob ntseg. Yaam kws nwg phais nuav yog hu ua Cochlear Implant. Thaum Sophie tau lub Cochlear Implant ntawd, wb kuj tau ndlav cov xwb fwb kws nyob ntawv qha nwg has lug hab kawm cov suab lug. Taamsim nuav kuj muaj ntau txuj kev kws yuav paab tau meb tug mivnyuas kws tsis nov lug. Naj nub nuav wb tug ntxhais kuj tau txais kev paab lug ntawm tsev kawm ntawv zoo heev vim wb los kuj mob sab moog nrug cov xwb fwb tom tsev kawm ntawv sib thaam hab nrug puab nrhav kev kawm kua zoo rua wb tug ntxhais.

Meb ua nam txiv tsis txhob tu sab hab taag kev ca sab rua meb tug mivnyuas. Meb tug mivnyuas yuav vaam meem hab txawj los yeej yog nyob rua ntawm meb xwb. Kuj muaj ntau lub tsev kawm ntawv hab ntau lub koom hum kws muaj kev paab rua meb hab meb tug mivnyuas. Yog meb nrhav txhua txuj kev hab txhob taag kev cas sab, thaum kawg meb tug mivnyuas yuav luj hlub hab muaj kev txawj kev ntse ib yaam le cov mivnyuas kws nov lug. Yog meb muaj lug nug dlaab tsi nua los nrug meb tug mivnyuas tug xwbfwb qha ntawv thaam. Ua tsaug rua meb txuj kev hlub kws meb muab rua meb tug mivnyuas.
Sau Npe,
Lis Pov hab Ntxhawv Xyoo

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    Hands & Voices' ASTra Educational Advocacy Training

    ASTra stands for Advocacy, Support, and Training. Minnesota Hands & Voices provides educational advocacy support and resources to families who have questions about special education law and how it applies to students who are deaf or hard of hearing. The program provides information and resources for parents of children who are deaf and hard of hearing that address the needs of these learners.

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    MDH Minnesota Department of Health

    Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) refers to the practice of screening every newborn for hearing loss prior to hospital discharge. Infants not passing the screening receive diagnostic evaluation before three months of age and, when necessary, are enrolled in early intervention programs by six months of age. All 50 states and the District of Columbia have Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) laws or voluntary compliance programs that screen hearing.

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