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  • Ahmed's Story

    Ahmed's family immigrated from Somalia and were not used to having professionals involved in their personal lives. Ahmed was identified with a mild/moderate hearing loss after getting screened in the hospital at birth. Ahmed uses hearing aids and his speech is developing well. Ahmed's family were happy to find other Somali parents who have kids with hearing loss.

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  • Ahmed's Story (Somali)

    Ahmed's story in Somali

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  • Ben's Story

    Ben was diagnosed with cerebal palsy at age six months before his profound hearing loss was identified at eight months. Ben was fitted with hearing aids and later a cochlear implant, learned sign language and cued speech.

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  • Erik's Story (English)

    Erik was identified with severe to profound hearing loss. Erik's parents are from Mexico. Erik has a cochlear implant.

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  • La historia de Erik

    La historia de Erik en Español

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  • Molly's Story

    Molly's parents learned that she was deaf when she didn't respond to her name being called at 13 months. Molly's mom was born deaf and her dad is hearing. Molly was fully mainstreamed and her parents taught her ASL and Cued English.

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  • Paige's Story

    Paige was identified with severe to profound hearing loss at two months when her parents realized she was sleeping too soundly. Paige received a cochlear implant at 15 months of age. Paige and her parents use Cued Speech.

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  • Sophie's Story (English)

    Sophie was identified as hearing a birth and later with profound hearing loss at age two. Sophie has a cochlear implant and communicates verbally.

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  • Sophie's Story (Hmong)

    Sophie's story in Hmong

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