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Information, Support, and Referral:

 We provide information, support and referral to families learning of their child's hearing loss. In general, this means that we can discuss your concerns with you, send you information related to different topics of interest, and refer you to other organizations and information sources that you may find helpful.

Since 90% of children with hearing loss are born to hearing parents, the news that their child has a hearing loss can be overwhelming. In contrast, a deaf child born to deaf parents can be a cause for celebration (See section on Deaf Culture.) The majority of the families who will be served through information and referral are hearing parents who need assistance getting started in understanding hearing loss and its implications for their child and family.

Parent-to-Parent Connections:

Families who are just learning about hearing loss have many tough decisions to face. They normally come in contact with teachers, audiologists, doctors, speech therapists in their search for information. However, often times, a wonderful resource is overlooked. Other parents who have already chosen a course for their child can offer an incredible amount of support and information to parents of newly identified children.

Their experiences can help other families make their own decisions by sharing what they liked, what they disliked about a certain strategy, and what they would do differently, if they had the chance. Our staff offers to put families in contact with other more experienced families. If a family is uncertain as to what communication choice they wish to pursue, we may suggest that they talk with several different families; for example, some who sign, some who cue, some who use oral language. That way, the family has a chance to ask probing questions about that choice.

If you are a parent or professional acting on behalf of a parent, and would like to be connected to another parent, please complete this form and send it to:

MN Hands & Voices
709 University Avenue West
St Paul, MN 55104
Or send via email to

Social and Educational Programs:

MN Hands & Voices has been pleased to collaborate with other agencies to make more social and educational opportunities available to families. Lifetrack hosts educational workshops on a variety of topics. We hope to vary the presentations to attract families who have chosen different communication choices, as well as new families or families with teens. Generally, childcare is provided at no charge.

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