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MNHV picnic flyer

Calling on all the Superheroes in the MN Hands & Voices Community!

We know you’re out there! We’ve seen you in action! Adults who are deaf and hard of hearing advocating for change. Parents making huge sacrifices out of love for their child. And our kids…our amazing kids who every day get out there and take chances, dare to be different and bring joy to those around them. These are the superheroes we want to celebrate at the MN Hands & Voices Annual Metro Picnic.

Dust off your superhero costumes, don a cape or mask, or just come as you are and make superhero attire with us. Whatever you do, don’t miss out on your children meeting REAL superheroes and joining our Hands & Voices’ League of Heroes!

Doesn’t get any more magical than this!

Free for families with children who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Join us for:

  • Dinner
  • Fun Games
  • Entertainment
  • Face Painting
  • Door Prizes!

Register Now.

MNHV Job Opening

MNH&V is looking for a Parent Guide to continue to serve families in our Spanish-Speaking Community. Candidates should be fluent in Spanish, from the community Latino themselves, and eager to support other parents with a child who is deaf, deafblind or hard of hearing. The program for the Spanish-Speaking Community is established, but in need of an individual to continue to provide emotional support, unbiased information, referral resources, and connect parents to other parents.

The Parent Guide for the MNH&V Spanish-speaking Community is responsible for organizing events, sustaining, and reporting activities related to these events. This person represents MNH&V in the community and participates in family support activities. The work schedule is flexible and 10 hours a week.

For a full outline of duties and application go to: