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Information, Support, and Referral:

We provide information, support and referral to families learning of their child's hearing loss. We can discuss your concerns with you, send you information related to different topics of interest, and refer you to other organizations and information sources that you may find helpful.

Parent-to-Parent Connections:

Our staff offers to put families in contact with other more experienced families. If a family is uncertain as to what communication choice they wish to pursue, we may suggest that they talk with several different families; for example, some who sign, some who cue, some who use oral language. That way, the family has a chance to ask probing questions about the opportunities available through each, and how some children have been successful in combining several.
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Other Services at Lifetrack

Lifetrack offers a host of services under the mission to work together to develop the strengths within children, families and adults facing the greatest life challenges so that all families and individuals are strong, healthy and productive members of the community. Lifetrack has served the Twin Cities community since 1948, helping people create a better life through our focus on Child & Family Healthy Development and Employment and Economic Opportunity. To learn more about programs at Lifetrack please visit our website.

Child and Adult Therapies has diagnostic and (re)habilitative speech/language therapy, physical therapy and occupational therapy. We offer speech therapy specially designed for children who are hard of hearing or deaf, or using hearing aids or cochlear implants.

Employment Services provides services to people with disabilities, immigrants and refugees and people working to move off welfare. We are proud to collaborate with Rise, Inc. and Working for America Institute (AFL-CIO) to offer the Minnesota Employment Center for People who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing (MEC.) This program assists clients 18 years of age or older in finding sustaining employment. The MEC staff is also available to present to parent groups or to meet one-on-one. The MEC employment program is a partnership between Lifetrack, Rehabilitation Services, and Rise. Click here for more information.

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